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Friday, December 16, 2005


It's always sad to see a local mom & pop shop go out of business, and even more so when its owner has become a sort of father figure and friend.

We'll be mourning the loss of Melt after Glenn closes its doors at 5:00 pm this Sunday. But until then, I urge you all to stop by, have a final cheesemelt sandwich or two, as some friends and I did on Tuesday night.

581 Jersey Avenue
ersey City, NJ 07302


  • So weird! I walked right past you guys and then came in later, inspired, and got a sandwich! Small world!

    By Blogger mike., at Tue Dec 20, 07:39:00 PM EST  

  • Wow! It's so cool to see an up-to-date, hip, and dedicated blog to Downtown JC. I have lived here for three years, and have enjoyed my time, but sometimes it feels as if we live in an area that somehow doesn't exist. :-) Thanks for doing this.

    I also didn't know that Melt was closing. I have been there twice. I only could do their Ugly American once. I am afraid to know how many calories I took in. :-)

    By Blogger David, at Tue Dec 20, 08:21:00 PM EST  

  • i didn't know melt was closing! what a letdown = (

    By Blogger nicole s., at Fri Dec 23, 06:17:00 PM EST  

  • oh damn. mike, you should've come in and said hi while we were there.

    david, thanks for the kind words!

    nicole, it was a surprise for many of us. the good news is that glenn is working on getting another location. so keep your fingers [and toes] crossed!

    By Blogger DoJo Mojo, at Fri Dec 23, 10:57:00 PM EST  

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