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Friday, November 11, 2005


Inspired by two true stories -- the largest unsolved art theft in American history and the recent closing of the 111 First Street arts center in Jersey City, Art House Productions invites you into
a "living art gallery," where reinvented works by Rembrandt, Degas, Vermeer and more come to life in a multimedia exploration of the value we place on art and artists.

Go and see the show that everyone is talking about. There are two weekends left.

Remaining performances are scheduled on:
Friday, November 11
Saturday, November 12
Thursday, November 17
Friday, November 18
Saturday, November 19

Tickets $12 / $10 students and artists
For tickets, please call toll free (866) 811-4111 or visit www.theatermania.com
*Limited seating: advanced purchased tickets strongly recommended
Victory Hall Cultural Center
186 Grand St. Jersey City, NJ
(6 blocks from the Grove St. PATH)


  • Well just as my husband was about to publish an update about how mr. snitch never responded to the questions on eyeonhoboken.blogspot.com, it turns out that word must have gotten on through the grapevine to mr. snitch, because he finally (after years) posted a disclosure about his relationship with the parking company, and it's worse than we thought.

    He was a STOCKHOLDER in the parking cmopany. So he had a vested interest in whether the company took off, got big business nationwide. He could have been rich if that happened.

    So he was a stockholder when he was calilng himself the "Hoboken Parking Association." He was a stockholder when he was askign his neighbors to sign petitions involving the dispute. He was a stockholder when he was sending around emails under the guise of "hobokenparking" making claims against dan decavanagh and alan cohen without ever talking to them in person, or asking them questions.

    he never disclosed this for the years he was diong this. and he's the one fighting corruption?

    he may say that he wasn't a stockholder yet, but they obviously didn't just hand him the options later on the goodness of his heart. he must have had an agreement that he would get somethign sooner or later.

    and he says he was compensated for ALL the work he did. so what kind of work counted as working for the cmpany? When he was getting the public to sign his petition, was that counted as billable hours, and did he get stokc for that? What about the emails and newsletters he sent out calling himself the "Hoboken parking association" (which he also never disclosed he was workign as a political consultant), was that also counted as hours he worked for them, too?

    Seems like it's worse than we thought.

    And we know of at least one untrue statement in his newest update. As usual, don't believe everythign you read. ask questions. and if smoeone isn't willing to answer them, ou know there's somethign up.

    we do appreciate that he at least was willing to acknowledge our questions (eventually). we worked on a campaign or two with him after moving here from new york. that's why it was so appalling that his vested interests and untrue statements cmoe out.

    from now on, if you are going to be an activist who criticizes govt, then be honest yourslef. and talk to the people you criticize. dont just make assumptions and hide yoru own interestins...

    By Blogger EyeonHoboken1, at Sun Nov 20, 10:13:00 PM EST  

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