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Wednesday, October 26, 2005


My craving for an Ugly American [the sandwich, not the drunken fool harrassing me at Barrow St. Bar] has finally been satiated with not one, or two, but three visits to Melt last week.

For several weeks, I'd been dreaming about warm, melted American cheese with sweet peanut butter, ripe bananas and orange fig jam sandwiched between two pieces of toasted Balthazar pain de mie. Because I had previously violated Melt Rule #982 on page 657, paragraph 3 [some crazy policy about not ordering the same sandwich in an allotted time frame], on my second visit I instead ordered one of their daily specials. It was awesome, but I still prefer the Ugly Am, which is what draws me to Melt time and again. I think I may just stop in again tonight. And dammit, I'm ordering an Ugly American!

Anyway, nothing beats Melt's comfort food this time of the year. If you haven't tried it yet, I suggest you do. And make sure you order their soup du jour and old-fashioned milkshake to wash down your sandwich and fries.

581 Jersey Avenue
ersey City, NJ 07302


  • Hey dojo mojo, I'm tellin' ya, this is absolootely the last time you break the rules! Who the f890 do you think you are anyway? what kind of society would we have if everyone broke rule 982. jeez.

    However, it is refreshing to know the ugly is appreciated. There are several fanatics. And many thanks for all your kind words.

    I must 'fess up though. I was sort of waiting till it was official before letting the cat out of the bag, and it's still not 1000% for sure, but it looks like Balthazar is history, at least at Melt. That really wasn't pain de mie you had (our new menus make no reference to Balthazar or their breads.) I've had a wonderful relationship with Balthazar. Not only are they superb bakers, but they're also super people and treated us like royalty even though our account was small change to them. I left on very good terms.

    The problem was with that particular bread, the pain de mie. Frankly, it was inconsistent. We had to throw out or give away many loaves because of various defects. While we always got credit in such instances, it was a real problem cuz sometimes we'd run out.

    We're now dealing with an equally competent baker, Abraham Yuri who started Brick Oven Bakery. Yuri was head baker at Eli's and developed Eli's bread program. He is the one responsible for making Eli's one of the most respected bread bakeries in NY.

    The pain de mie you thought you had was really a country white baked by Yuri. It's a sturdier denser bread. Melt was not trying to hide anything or mislead anyone. Like I said, we took the Balthazar reference off the new menu and took down the Balthazar signs. In any event, they're both damn good bakeries.

    And while I'm here, do you mind if I plug our latest sensation. Well, tuff noogies. Tomorrow, October 27, 2005 at 11am, Melt introduces the Melt Quesadilla! We will have a different Quesedilla every day using all of our great cheeses.

    And to show my appreciation for the dojo mojo plug, anyone who mentions dojo mojo, the blog that is, gets 50% off their quesadilla Thursday & Friday only. Hasta la vista.

    By Blogger mr. melt, at Wed Oct 26, 09:51:00 PM EDT  

  • I think I'll go for my quesadilla tomorrow night. Friday is Q night!

    By Blogger DoJo Mojo, at Thu Oct 27, 08:48:00 PM EDT  

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