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Thursday, October 27, 2005



Melt is introducing a new menu item tomorrow (Thursday) night -- the Melt Quesadilla! If previous additions (ie, the Meltburger, the Meltdog, the TunaMelt and the Grilled Veggie Sandwich) are any indication, you can bet that Glenn and co. will once again raise the bar on grilled cheese products.

Starting tomorrow, the Melt Quesadillas will become a daily special with different cheeses and toppings featured daily. Tomorrow's special will feature cheddar, Monterey Jack, habanero cheddar, smoked turkey and roasted red peppers ... but wait! If you mention DoJo Mojo, you will get receive 50% off on Thursday and Friday.

That's right, folks! Mention this special promotional code word and you will receive a discount available only to my special readers [yes, all three of you]. Now, with the 50% savings, I suggest you try their special Mexican chocolate, and tell Glenn to make it extra spicy. Trust me, it's that good. And [coming from an ex-waitress] don't forget to tip your server generously.

Have a happy meltdown!


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