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Thursday, October 13, 2005


According to the Voice, and I'm sure NewYorksSixth will agree, JC is the Best Faux Outer Borough!

Best Faux Outer Borough - JERSEY CITY
Not far over the Hudson lies a fantasy-land where the subway only costs $1.75, sales tax is 3 percent, and a studio apartment in a decent neighborhood can be had for less than a grand. JERSEY CITY isn't a wasteland anymore. The ethnic diversity has Queens beat; even its far-flung Journal Square PATH station is only 20 minutes from downtown Manhattan; and it doesn't smell like toxic waste (that's Newark). You can also buy two homes with backyards and parking for the price of a co-op in the city. Don't be a snob; cross the river and, finally, live in a place where stretching your arms doesn't mean smacking two walls.
-Nick Mamatas


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