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Friday, September 30, 2005


Even though 111 First has long been vacant and the Powerhouse is merely a symbol of the JC Powerhouse Arts District, many artists still live and work in this city. And unless you have been trapped underneath something heavy the past few weeks, I'm sure you [the fine residents of JC] are aware of the huge event taking place this weekend.

Kick Off Celebration Party:
Victory Hall Cultural Center, 186 Grand Street

Friday, September 30th, 2005 6pm to 9:00 pm, Sponsored by Goldman Sachs. Live music, catered reception and 2 exhibition openings: "MOSAIC" and "WITH APPARENT EASE." Join artists, sponsors, city movers and shakers as we kick-off the 2005 Tour!
For information call Jim Pustorino 201. 209. 0510

Visit the Pro Arts website for schedule and location info.

Heavyhitters 58
Kickoff Party
7:00 - 11:00 PM

Giant Waterbug at JC Art Tour:


Sure, I've seen a couple of Vespas scootering around DoJo the past few months, but nothing expresses the ghetto fabulousness of JC better than this:

I saw this SUV parked by Van Vorst Park this morning. I would've loved to stick around to see who owns or at least drives it, but having a photo of it will have to suffice.

Friday, September 23, 2005


This Saturday is jam-packed with events in JC. I need to figure out how to be in multiple places at the same time.

Friends of Hamilton Park Autumn Planting Day
Hamilton Park
9:00 AM - ?
We'll be gathering in the center of the park to plant an assortment of perennials, bulbs and colorful autumn "mums" to complete the area leading up to the gazebo. Compost and mulch will be delivered prior to the planting. No experience is necessary. Just bring some energy! Lunch, local apples and refreshments will be provided.

JC Irish Festival on the Hudson
11:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Exchange Place

JC Reservoir Tours
Every Saturday, until the end of October 2005, rain or shine, the Jersey City Reservoir Preservation Alliance will open Reservoir 3 in the Jersey City Heights to the public for free guided tours, picnicking, gardening, bird watching, catch/release fishing and, most popularly, kayaking.

Tris McCall
8:00 PM
Brennan County Courthouse
583 Newark Avenue

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


From today's Jersey Journal:

10. Wants to repay Hudson's seniors for filling his slot machines all these years.

9. Ready supply of apprentices in waterfront apartments.

8. Can outspend anyone for vacant Senate seat.

7. Can vote as many times as he wants.

6. Big hair always in fashion!

5. Cheaper gas.

4. Can't push Mayor Bloomberg around.

3. Always wanted to live on the Left Bank.

2. Can stare at his name on Manhattan skyline from penthouse windows.

1. New York City's just not hip enough! (If you can make in Jersey City, you can make it anywhere.)

Sunday, September 18, 2005


I don't remember where, but I remember reading a blog that mentioned Asbury Park being "Corcoraned," so with this in mind, it can be said that JC is about to be Trumped. Although JC residents and other stakeholders have mixed feelings about this, no one can argue that Chilltown has finally arrived.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Genius Lessons writes:

When visiting GO last night, I picked up some SO!GO fruit chutney out of curiousity. Put it on my turkey sandwich today.

Holy. Crap.

I'm now going back tonight to pick up a few other chutneys. Amazing sandwiches, here I come!

I am so going to GO.

Sunday, September 11, 2005


Saturday, September 10, 2005



1. Special Guest Patrick Rosal, Arthouse Season Kickoff @ Victory Hall
Live Jazz by the Dave Willocks Group @ Yoga Shunya
Leila, Jersey City Raw @ Sweet Priscilla
4. (Sadly, no photos were taken) Open Studio, Grigory Gurevich

Friday, September 09, 2005


Mayor Healy Pleas For Outpouring of Donors & Volunteers

JERSEY CITY, NJ – The City of Jersey City and the Office of Mayor are in the preparatory phase for deployment of resources and personnel to assist the victims of the Hurricane Katrina disaster. Mayor Jerramiah T. Healy has called a Local Emergency Planning Council meeting for next week to discuss how the city can best assist the relief effort in the Gulf Coast region.

Acting Governor Richard Codey has requested through the New Jersey State Police that the deployment of manpower to the region be conducted in an organized manner, and therefore is being handled on an “as-requested” basis.

In the wake of the devastation, the Red Cross Bergen-Hudson Chapter will hold a training seminar for any residents who would like to volunteer their time to the relief effort in New Orleans. The training will be held on Wednesday, September 7, at 4pm at the Red Cross local office, located at 26 Greenville Avenue, between Old Bergen Avenue and Kennedy Boulevard. Those who wish to donate can do so through the following:

Red Cross Bergen-Hudson Chapter
26 Greenville Avenue
Jersey City, NJ
(Checks and Money Orders only)

WEB: www.redcross.org


Jersey City Office of Emergency Management will be hosting additional Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training programs to train Jersey City employees, residents, and the professional community on how to volunteer for deployment. Red Cross training will also be integrated into the program. CERT gives local residents an opportunity to receive hands-on and in-the-field training to respond to a wide range of emergencies.

Jersey City residents with someone missing in the Hurricane Katrina disaster areas are urged to register their information at the National Next of Kin Registry by going to their web site at www.nokr.org. The National Next of Kin Registry is a free service to the public that passes along vital information to emergency authorities about people who may be missing, injured, or deceased. By registering a potential victim, you can help local and state agencies to locate families for those affected by the tragedy.

For more information about the Red Cross and its relief efforts for victims of Hurricane Katrina, inquiries may be made by calling 201-652-3210.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Film and Art Exhibit
CLIF: Contemporary Latino Independent Film
A lively program of experimental and narrative short
subjects from filmmakers working in Cuba, Puerto Rico,
and the United States.
One American Dream: Contemporary Art in the LGBT Community.
presented by
Grace Church
39 Erie Street (Enter through red doors on Second St.)

Performance, "An Evening of Cabaret"
Reservations are recommended and can be made by
calling (201) 413-9200.
Presented by
The Attic Ensemble
Barrow Mansion, 83 Wayne Street

Open studio, Grigory Gurevich
Magic Art book will be demonstrated each hour.
Work will be exhibited iball medias.
Grigory Gurevich Studio Gallery,
282 Barrow Street

Storytelling: Mother Goose on the Loose
Join Mother Goose and the Old Woman who lived in a Shoe
in a celebration of rhyme & song. This 45-minute storytelling
session follows the antics of Mother Goose and the Old
Woman as they read, sing, rhyme and tell stories of olde.
Recommended for preschool ages to grade 1. Children
attending will also receive a free booklet of rhymes and activities.
presented by Tempest Productions & the Jersey City Museum
Jersey City Museum
350 Montgomery Street (at Monmouth)

Spoken word performance: Jersey City Raw
presented by Sweet Priscilla,
530 Jersey Avenue

Mana Fine Arts Grand Opening Inaugural Exhibition
Featured artists: Deborah Crowell, James De Pastene,
Mark Gibson, Chris Hearn, Tina Krause, Eugene Lemay,
Mina Luxa, Arshak Martirosyan, David Rees, Ev Stone
presented by
Mana Fine Arts,
227 Coles Street

58 presents Background Action photos by Mauro Altamuro
presented by
Gallery 58,
58 Coles Street

Open mic performance:
The Art House Season Kickoff event
A night of open mic performances with special guests!
presented by
Art House Productions
Victory Hall Cultural Center,
186 Grand Street (at Marin Blvd)

Live Jazz at Yoga Shunya from 8-10pm with the
Dave Willocks Group. A concert of original music led by
Dave Willocks- guitarist, composer and yoga instructor
at the studio.
Presented by
Yoga Shunya,
275 Grove Street (above the Majestic Theater)

24 hours
Art Exhibition
Mary Blacktock "A Window of Women's Identities,"
presented by
ProArts Windows on Columbus:
Christopher Colombus Blvd, east of Washington Street

Two Solo Exhibitions
John Meagher Rotunda Gallery
Jun'ichiro Ishida - 2nd floor, Ben Goldman - 3rd floor
presented by The City of Jersey City
City Hall
280 Grove Street

Eyes of Cassandra
A One Woman Art Show by Karina
Curated by Maria R. Boobis
140 Newark Avenue

Hudson County Music is a collaborative of musicians, professional, amateur and students from across Hudson County initiated in April of 2005 by the non-profit organization Youth Music Group. Through our website at www.hudsoncountymusic.com anyone interested in seeking musicians, finding teachers or posting concert
announcements can submit their listings and contact our membership of over 100 musicians free of charge. Email info@hudsoncountymusic, go to www.hudsoncountymusic.com or call Beth Cohen at 201 521-0345

If you are interested in volunteering or participating as an arts organization or business, please email Christine Goodman at info@arthouseproductions.org or call (201) 915-9911.

Saturday, September 03, 2005


The Carnival turns sixteen this week, but in light of last week's events, I've decided to cancel this weekend's birthday / labor day BBQ. But like any mature sixteen-year-old, I've decided to update you on this week's gossip updates:

Though not necessarily NJ-oriented, many of the bloggers understandably had Katrina on their minds.
While many of us wondered how a hurricane like Katrina would affect our state, Enlighten-NJ told the tale of two cities. Fausta posted the latest on countries who have offered help on Katrina and noticed a pattern in human nature.

Mister Snitch! provided
rare links on Kanye West's ad-libbed speech on Friday night's live fundraiser on NBC, which was originally reported by Riehl World View.
Although GiggleChick had some great news this week, she - like the rest of the world - had little to giggle about last week. And the true Jersey girl pondered the true cause of the hurricane.

Clifton Blogs wondered if we are being gouged, and eCache pontificated that taxpayers are not the answer to higher fuel costs.

The Opinion Mill mulled over The Discconect, while Rich from down the shore was looking for Jay. SloppyDawg wrote of the press getting harrassed, and Joe's Journal had much to cover this week.

For DynamoBuzz, this week marks not just the end of summer, but also the end of the dog days of summer for NJ politics
The Jersey Shore Real Estate Bubble reported that NJ has the highest median income in the US.

The Art of Getting By wondered
who's gonna drive you home tonight, but fortunately, the Atlantic Highlands Muse is coming to save the day.

CJ from the Attack of the 15.24 Meter Blog! mused about the lost art of postcards.
Jim at Parkway Rest Stop is weary, as is Tom from NJ Weblogs.

I'm a little miffed that Where is the Remote? forgot to invite me, but he was nice enough to report on the
ho-rocken party he attended last Thursday.

KateSpot posted photos of the new addition being built onto her home, perhaps to hold an Octoberfest party for the Jersey Bloggers?


Next week, the Carnival will be buzzing with the Nightfly. As always, please send your email to NJCarnival@gmail.com to get on board.

Friday, September 02, 2005


I will be hosting the next Carnival of the New Jersey Bloggers, and I'm excited to see what kind of nifty logo Enlighten-New Jersey will come up with.

Please send an email to NJCarnival@gmail.com if you wish to be included.


Inspired by a similar act of kindness by the owners of local ice cream shop Torico's, Glenn Susser of Melt has announced that he will donate all profits of sales through 5:00 PM on Tuesday, September 5th. The recipient of this donation is yet to be determined, so please contact Glenn with suggestions. Better yet, stop by, have a sandwich and a shake or two, and help raise some funds.

581 Jersey Avenue
(201) 459-0008