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Saturday, August 06, 2005


There's a reason why I never leave home without a camera. As I was walking home from the Van Vorst Park Neighborhood Association Meeting, I ran into my neighbor who informed me that the Bolivia Parade was taking place today at City Hall, so I walked over and photographed the event. This has got to be one of my favorite parades so far. Not only were the costumes magnificent, all the parade participants put on a great show and performed with such passion despite the sweltering heat. Happy Independence day, Bolivia!

Tomorrow, it's time for the Dominicans to party. Hopefully I'll have enough energy to run around and take pictures by then.

Dominican Parade & Festival
Sunday August 7, 2005
Parade starts - Armory @ 1PM
Exchange Place @ Montgomery St. 3PM-7PM


  • it's a shame i'm out of town and unable to enjoy the interesting festivals in jc this weekend.

    thanks for sharing the pics!

    By Blogger Time Bandit, at Sun Aug 07, 01:27:00 AM EDT  

  • I thought you were coming back this weekend?

    By Blogger DoJo Mojo, at Sun Aug 07, 01:33:00 AM EDT  

  • no. will arrive at dawn of aug. 13

    By Blogger Time Bandit, at Sun Aug 07, 02:52:00 AM EDT  

  • I was just surfing the internet and I was glad to see that people actually appreciate our culture and festivities. The pictures you had taken of our bolivian independence day parade in new jersey were beautifull. The last two pictures of the groups in white costumes with blue and pink designs on them were of mt group. Although, my picture wasnt taking I am happy too see that people see the love and pride we have for being bolivian. Thankyou and see you next parade in new jersey which i think will be the New Jersey Hispanic Parade. Bolivia will hopefully play a big part in it like we try to every year.

    By Blogger Jessica, at Wed Aug 17, 01:53:00 AM EDT  

  • Thanks for the comment, Jessica. I truly enjoyed the Bolivian Parade & Festival. The costumes were gorgeous and the dancers were amazing, especially the way they performed so passionately despite the heat. Your culture is beautiful and definitely something to be proud of. It would have been nice if I had someone to explain the various costumes and dances, but it was a great experience nonetheless. When is the NJ Hispanic Parade?

    By Blogger DoJo Mojo, at Sun Aug 21, 03:55:00 PM EDT  

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