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Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Only tangentially related to my previous post is yesterday's Jersey Journal article on a serial rapist who preyed on his third victim in Hudson County just this weekend.

A sixteen-year-old girl from the Heights, whose dog was barking at something outside her house at 4:00 AM Saturday morning, was lured out of her home and forced into a white SUV by a masked man. She was then driven to a dirt road, where she was sexually assaulted, and later dropped off in an abandoned section of Newark. Previous victims were also sixteen-year-old white girls who were abducted by a masked man, held hostage at knifepoint, and later abandoned in nearby cities.

Here's a sketch and description of the suspect:
  • Male, late 20s
  • Small, but muscular build
  • Fluent in Spanish and English
  • Drives a newer-model SUV with tinted windows and black leather interior
I sure hope this scumbag gets caught soon, before he preys on any more women. Anyone with information is urged to contact:
Hudson County Prosecutor
Sexual Assult Victims Unit
(201) 915-1234

[via JCList]


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