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Sunday, August 21, 2005


Last weekend a nice piece on a newish deli and hotdog shop, Yella's, was published in the Quick Bites section of the Sunday Times. Truth be told, I've tried this place and didn't exactly find the food worth screaming about. I don't even remember what I ordered, except that it didn't necessarily give me the urge to strain my vocal chords. But I did like the friendly staff and the kitschy logo. Perhaps it's time for a re-visit to refresh my memory.

100 York Street
(201) 761-0005

In Van Vorst Park, plans have been laid out for the much-anticipated [and -needed] dog park. According to a certain parkman, "the run will be large, have running water, a running surface, small and large dog areas, seating around the trees, drainage, and a fence that mirror's the children's playground. It will also be fully landscaped. The City is planning to break ground by early spring."

Will it be worth the wait? With this person and Councilman Fulop on the reigns, I'm sure it will be.

[via JCList]

In other news, SloppyDawg got his paws on the latest Carnival, which turned 14 this week. Does this mean Tillie is 98 weeks old in dog years?



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