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Monday, August 15, 2005


Lex from the Waterbug Hotel has posted more photos from their phenomenal arts festival. Time Bandit posted his own photos as well.

JCLIR has a brand-spankin' new blog wherein yours truly was given major props for providing some additional traffic. To this I say prego, just spreading some DoJo Mojo love. (By the way, last time I checked, I was a female, so I hope he edits his pronouns accordingly.)

New York's Sixth announced his site will be observing Black Mondays and Tuesdays going forward. Meanwhile, LJ's Jersey City community has been pretty quiet as of late.

Genius Lessons is looking for people to hang out with this Thursday night. I'd check out the 'bug hotel with him, but the hub and I already have plans.

UPDATE: My favorite local writer and musician also
has a brand-spankin' new blog. Thanks to Mister Snitch for the heads-up.


  • it has been so noted and changed. so very sorry.

    By Blogger vindog, at Tue Aug 16, 10:30:00 PM EDT  

  • Cheers! Some other night, the girlfriend and I must take you and the husband up on that. I'm quite excited to see it -- I'd begun to really wonder where live music lived in this area.

    By Blogger mike., at Tue Aug 16, 11:24:00 PM EDT  

  • No worries, Vindog. Lots of people have made the same mistake. I'm not really sure why, though.

    Mike, you guys should definitely check it out this week, anyway. It should be good times. I've walked by that building lots of times during the day, but never made it there on Thursday nights.

    By Blogger DoJo Mojo, at Wed Aug 17, 08:34:00 AM EDT  

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