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Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Fellow Carnival blogger Coffeegrounds wrote of a blogger exodus out of Jersey City:

PDCRyan -- late of Jersey City -- moves to Montclair, home of the Barista. And then along comes Mary...This blogger exodus from Jersey City means that the blogging population of that municipality is now probably no more than ten thousand or so, barely eclipsing Hoboken... Meanwhile Montclair is so crowded with net journalists that there are fist-fights and hair-pulls breaking out over empty seats in local wireless cafes and there is talk of a latte shortage. Disgusting.

While I am saddened by the apparent brain drain [both just sat for the bar, something I hope to do in 3.5 years], I don't know if I would qualify the departure of two people an "exodus." But I sure am happy that there will be no shortage of lattes and empty seats at local wi-fi cafes for me!


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