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Friday, August 12, 2005


Instapundit's guest blogger, Megan McArdle, walked a couple of miles to JC from Hoboken, was simultaneously stimulated and tickled by DoJo's architecture and signage, and lived to tell the tale. Wheee.


  • I was surprised when I read that. I always had the impression that she was familiar with the area and actually worked downtown at one time, but the tone of the post made her sound like an explorer discovering a new land.

    By Blogger Sluggo, at Fri Aug 12, 02:49:00 PM EDT  

  • My wife used to walk several miles from her job - a school in Hoboken - to our apt. in downtown JC back in the 1990s before all of you yuppies moved in to Jersey City (although Hoboken was pretty ritzy back then). She never had any problems, but I fear now that she may get accosted by an overzealous real estate agent if she walked that way again.

    By Blogger The Contrarian, at Fri Aug 12, 04:58:00 PM EDT  

  • I know, Sluggo. I like the part when she wrote "half of Jersey City" when presumably she meant 1/500th of JC, because aside from those in Newport and Exchange Place, I am not aware of any other skyscrapers and/or wide, empty boulevards (are there skyscrapers on JFK?).

    Jeff, relax. I grew up in JC and although I am technically (still) young and urban (some used to classify me an inner-city youth), I wouldn't put myself in the yuppie category. But I happen to welcome yuppie transplants (I married one) and overzealous RE agents because they do wonders for my property value. =D

    By Blogger DoJo Mojo, at Fri Aug 12, 06:15:00 PM EDT  

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