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Friday, June 24, 2005


Responding to the rumor that an erotic massage parlor exists above a certain well-known food establishment, and consequently being attacked and called a "snitch" for her contention that the authorities be notified, a certain member of a local website responded


I see nothing but a bunch of Hippocracy on this board and with regards to this subject, hey come on theres bigger and worse fish to fry than what 2 consenting adults do regardless if money is exchanged or not !!

JC Insomniac reminds me of the class snitch who got Her jollys off by telling on the students who were 'acting Up",you know like that classic Teacher's pet !!!



Hippocracy -- is that like a state governed by hippos (hippopotami)?

Call me a snitch and trivialize the issue all you want, but the truth of the matter is that (if there is even any truth to this rumor to begin with):

1) Erotic massages are legally a form of prostitution

2) Prostitution is illegal in NJ

3) Many of the asian women in these so-called massage parlors that provide "happy endings" are victims of human trafficking and are under some form of indentured servitude or modern-day slavery

Oh, and by the way, New Jersey is cracking down on prostitution taking place through escort businesses and massage parlors under "Operation Risky Business."

The only hypocrisy [yes, that is how it's spelled] I see around here is from the likes of you who expect politicians and the law enforcement agency to combat crimes such as drug-dealing, vagrancy, public intoxication and failure to curb their pets, yet turn the other way in other issues such as this one.

Read the article below on a recent crackdown on massage parlors right here in New Jersey:

Prostitution crackdown nets 14 in S. Jersey

Escort services and massage parlors were targeted in a statewide effort.

By Sam Wood

The Philadelphia Inquirer Staff Writer

A statewide crackdown on New Jersey's illicit-sex industry has uncovered evidence of human trafficking and ties to organized crime, authorities said yesterday.

Escort services and massage parlors throughout the state were targeted during the last month as part of a state police investigation dubbed "Operation Risky Business."

Fourteen residents of Camden and Gloucester Counties were among those caught in the troopers' dragnet.

At one end of the spectrum was a Cherry Hill escort service that offered to fly women nationwide and charged $350 an hour for their services. On the other end was a small out-call service in Lindenwold that even its 80-year-old madam described as "bargain basement," according to troopers.

"This is just the tip of the iceberg," said Detective Sgt. Jim Fish, the leader of the state police organized crime unit. "We're expecting to close down a lot more as we go forward."

Fish said the investigation began in earnest in April after the force's Narcotics and Organized Crime Bureau received numerous anonymous letters from local residents and complaints from police departments.

In all, five escort services and nine massage parlors were raided across the state and at least temporarily shut down. More than 40 people have been arrested. Investigators said they were eyeing 156 more sex-related businesses.

A woman arrested in one of the raids told troopers she had been smuggled into the country by a Chinese crime organization that charged her $30,000 to be brought to New Jersey through Mexico. Though she has paid off her staggering debt, now she fears for the well-being of her family, Fish said.

"They have her family under surveillance," Fish said. "They've been threatened already and now fear for their lives. Her situation is unique."

Also arrested were college students from New Jersey and Virginia who worked for one escort service and many full-time professionals who lived in small apartments behind the massage parlors where they worked, Fish said.

Investigators have confiscated tens of thousands of dollars but say they believe that computer records and videotapes will provide them with invaluable information.

"Many of their clients can expect to receive grand jury subpoenas," said Lt. Jim Simpkins, who heads the Organized Crime Bureau. "They may even be charged with fraud and tax evasion if they charged the services to their credit cards and deducted the expenses on their tax returns."

Among those arrested locally and charged with promoting prostitution were John Esposito, 48, of Shamong, owner of Heavenly Bodies in Cherry Hill; Vera Tursi, 80, of Lindenwold, owner of August Playmates; Jung Soon Kasperowicz, 44, of Atco, who ran Physical Studio and Greentree Rainbow, both in Evesham; and Margaret Cook, 67, of Gloucester Township, who ran Mam'selle de Paris, according to police.

They have been released on summonses.


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