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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

C is for Cookie Curfew and Crown Fried Chicken

Earlier this year, JC implemented a business curfew in high crime areas that are designated "late night hangouts of street toughs and rowdies," the most [in]famous of which is the Crown Fried Chicken spot on Communipaw in Lafayette. Many applauded the ordinance, but some feared that it would hurt mom and pop businesses and ultimately cause them to close their doors due to lost revenue.

Either way, since I hadn't braved the Crown parking lot in all the years I've lived here, I thought I'd park my car there once and for all (instead of gunning it down Communipaw like I normally do) and try their chicken and ribs before they go out of business.

It was about 8 o'clock on a Thursday evening and while there were some teens hanging out across the street, the parking lot was virtually empty, save for 2 other parked cars. In the lobby were three young women and one older man, all of whom were waiting for their respective orders from the two women behind the bullet-proof windows. In about eight minutes, I was back in my car, driving east to DoJo with my two sacks of chicken and ribs.

So, was it worth risking my life to sample their chicken and ribs? Hell fuckin' yeah! Crown sure knows their fried chicken, but I'd have to say that the ribs were a disappointment. Next time (that is, if they're still in business the next time I get around that area), I'll just stick with the fried chicken, hold the BBQ ribs and hold the stray bullets, please!


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