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Saturday, June 25, 2005


I've been meaning to see JC's own American Watercolor Movement for some time now, and I thought, what better time to check them out than this evening's event?

Although the five-band lineup tonight was reduced to three, the artists who did perform this evening more than compensated for those who were absent. First up was Han Shot First, whose funky bluesy rock warmed me up for the evening. They were followed by Kukurudu, a percussionist and belly-dancer duo who truly do deliver an "electrifying explosion of drums, percussion, dance and energy." While the hostess extraordinaire Christine Goodman and her co-host raffled off the last set of prizes, I wondered how the next performer could possibly top the last set. Nothing could have prepared me for the American Watercolor Movement, whose music I shall refrain from attempting to describe, and will instead point you to Tris McCall's review.

Although I didn't win the Ipod Mini or the $100 Best Buy gift certificate, this evening's event definitely surpassed my expectations. Good times.

I wish Arthouse Productions the best of luck and look forward to their future projects.

Han Shot First


American Watercolor Movement

American Watercolor Movement

The illustrious Christine Goodman with Chilltown editor and her co-host


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