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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Yet another 9/11 memorial

Do not adjust your monitors.

This is the sculpture which russian artist Zurab Tsereteli is donating to Jersey City and will most likely be erected in Exchange Place. Forget the fact that local residents were never solicited for their opinions or approval for this, or that JC has many internationally known artists living and working right here, or that many people who have seen this sculpture cannot relate to it and certainly do not think it is an appropriate 9/11 memorial, but this sculpture, to put it plainly, is ugly.

Also it does not represent the thousands of us who have risen up from the tragedy. In fact, this sculpture evokes so much anger and spite because all it truly is, is a self-serving, self-promoting project of an egotistical artist known for building enormous sculptures [a 300-foot statue of Columbus or a 165-foot Peter the Great] which begs the question -- is he overcompensating for something?

In any case, if you are a jc resident and would like your opinion [pro or con] to be heard, you can join the Credible Memorial Selection Committee.


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