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Friday, October 01, 2004

Loew's Jersey

I've been living in JC on and off for nearly two decades, but it wasn't until tonight that I saw the gorgeous interior of the historic Loew's Jersey in Journal Square. It's been closed [and deteriorating] for several decades, until a group of volunteers called the Friends of the Loew's

Now the Loew's is holding its film fest as part of its 75th Anniversary Celebration, which is also part of the Jersey City Studio Tour taking place this weekend. We missed the opening night [a screening of Mr. Smith Goes To Washington for the 1929 admission of 35 cents!] so we made sure we came to night's screening of Maltese Falcon with Humphrey Bogart. It was a pretty cool presentation - they opened with an old school Bugs Bunny cartoon with Humphrey Bogart.

Tomorrow night we're planning on catching Spartacus at the Loew's Jersey, and on Sunday I plan to see Aiko Star, Tris McCall, and this crazy Japanese action comic punk band, Peelander-Z, at the live music portion of the Downtown Jersey City Artists' Studio Tour at 111 First Street.

literally got on their hands and feet and renovated the nearly seventy-five-year-old building in a span of almost ten years.


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