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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Live Music at JC Studio Tour: October 1-2

Here's a partial list of the lineup:

Live Music @ JC Studio Tour
October 1-3
3 days of music, visual and performing art!

111 Jam Band - Free jazz. Impressionistic improvisatory explorations, frequently leading to moments of great serendipity and raw tonal beauty.

The Brian Beninghove Trio - Modern jazz. On saxophone, horn, or electric piano, Beninghove is a skilled and expressive jazz stylist; respectful of convention but never hesitant to transgress it in the name of musical excitement.

American Watercolor Movement - Indiepop, electronic music, lo-tech disco. A brilliant amalgam of junkyard transatlantic techno, spacious American rock, and spoken-word, the stunning instrumentalists of AWM create an immersive sonic backdrop for Jason Cieradkowski's tales of love and mystery in a decaying, disturbing Europe.

Peelander-Z - Japanese Action Comic punk. Frequently dressed in outlandish costumes and prone toward stage kinetics, Peelander-Z has earned its reputation as one of New York's most outrageous examples of the creative energy of Japanocore.

Sparks Fly From A Kiss - Post-punk, indie rock. Full-sounding, feedback-bathed, chiming, hypnotic and frequently gorgeous pieces of musical psychocandy.

The Vitamen - Indiepop. The Vitamen's classically-written songs are painfully honest, invariably moving and often hilarious expressions of modern urban neuroses.

Lismore - Glitch-pop, alternative rock. A wholly successful fusion of electronic recording techniques and rock edge, the live version of Lismore is more urgent, more desperate, and more two-fisted than the elegant band responsible for We Could Connect Or We Could Not.

More band info here: http://www.trismccall.net/studio_tour_descriptions.htm#111jam