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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

DoJo (re)defined

Jersey City, my home for roughly seventeen years, has seen so much gentrification (some say yuppie-fication) over the last few years, especially in what has been designated the Historic Downtown section. With such former [some still say current] street names as Dirty Shitty, Dirty City, and Chilltown, it's not hard to imagine how people perceived my little hometown.

But not anymore.

With the continued development of Downtown, and all the real estate speculation in the Heights, Bergen, Lafayette and the Western Slope, Jersey City is quickly emerging from the shadow of the island across the river.

This blog is my own testament to the vibrance and unique culture in Jersey City. But bear in mind that this is but one perspective of life in JC. Since I live and work in downtown JC (aka DoJo), my activities will naturally be downtown-centric. But I have in fact lived in various parts of JC, from Greenville, to Journal Square, to the Heights, and now Downtown. And these days, I like to run around DoJo with my mojo.


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